Guys Group

What is the Guys Group?

people-inc-logoDeveloped by People Inc.’s Life Quality Coaching
Department, the Guys Group helps young men with
developmental disabilities (ages 18-30) discover and
nurture their passions in life while building lasting
friendships. Active in the community, the group also
seeks to bolster members’ socialization skills.


What does the group do?

The Guys Group offers members the chance to
experience social opportunities in the community
based on recreation, physical activity and
volunteering. Group activities include: attending
sporting events, movies and concerts; trips to state
parks and museums; parties, game nights and more


Who can join?

Members are formally referred to the group
by Medicaid Service Coordinators or Social
Workers, and some paperwork is needed before
being placed on a wait list for services.
It is important to note that the Guys Group is a
transitional program and membership typically
lasts for a year. The friendships built among
peers, however, can go on for a lifetime.



•    Must be between the ages of 18 and 30
•    Must be living at home with family
•    Must have reliable transportation to and from
meetings at 3131 Sheridan Dr. in Amherst
•    Must require minimal assistance in the community
•    Must receive services from a Service Coordinator
•    Must understand that group is transitional (non-
permanent and goal-oriented)
•    Preferably not involved in other recreational


For more information, contact Nick Cacciotti at
or call 716.880.3776.