Thank you St. John Vianney

2015sjvlogo450St. John Vianney 5K goes the extra mile for RACIN!


The RACIN! organization continues to enjoy great success thanks to the generosity of so many, but one upcoming race has gone above and beyond to provide an enjoyable experience for so many.


Through an incredible act of generosity, the St. John Vianney 5K Kickoff Run in Orchard Park, scheduled for July 23, is hosting RACIN! members for free. Plus, as an added bonus, race organizers are asking all runners to consider donating to the RACIN! cause when registering for the event online.


The 5K homepage – – features prominent placement of a short story about RACIN! and asks registrants to donate. The solicitation to help RACIN! raise funds serves as just another example of the Western New York running community rallying behind this grassroots effort.
RACIN! can’t thank the St. John Vianney 5K committee enough for their amazing support. We ask that all visitors to our site support this incredible local race and consider a donation to RACIN! when registering.