BJ Stasio

Self Advocacy Coordinator/Master Trainer – Western New York DDSO

Eric Frank Psy.D.

Principal Psychologist – Western New York DDSO
  • 17 years working as a psychologist with people with developmental disabilities.

I am involved in RACIN! because I want people with developmental disabilities to be a part of the local racing scene.

Judy Bremer

Senior Physical Therapist – Western New York DDSO
  • 25 years experience as a physical therapist
  • Life long runner, including marathons.

I enjoy running, promoting fitness and training with others. Especially individuals, that I work with, that have a developmental disability. I believe RACIN! to be a great way to do all 3.

Frank Cammarata

Executive Director – Erie County Office of Disabilities
  • Over 20+ years of working with people of all abilities, ensuring everyone has equal access to services and opportunities in our community.

I am involved with RACIN! because I enjoy the camaraderie of running locally in events  including 5ks and Half Marathons. I appreciate the chance to participate with someone who recently may not have had the opportunity to participate in our community. It is all about respect and inclusion!

Margaret Scully

Assistant Program Director – People Inc.
  • 26 years of experience working with many people receiving supports based on different levels of ability
  • Active participant in the fun and extensive Buffalo running scene.

My speciality is advocacy and integration. Being a part of RACIN! offers an opportunity to further the understanding that it is often the barriers put in place based on judgements, assessments and labels that limit people more so than their actual ability to fully participate in every aspect of American society.

Tim Marren

Senior Copywriter – SKM Group
  • Avid runner in the Western New York area, including nearly a dozen 5Ks each year, as well as several half and full marathons
  • Professional copywriter for a local advertising agency

My love for running led me to RACIN!, with the goal of having others experience the same euphoria I’ve felt when crossing the finish line. Seeing the excited expressions on our riders’ face as they race through the course, eventually crossing the finish line… that never gets old.

Diane Warner

  • 32 years as a letter carrier with the USPS
  • Mother of a son with a developmental disability

I’ve always been an outdoor person. One of my greatest pleasures is sharing my love of being outside with my children. Running with my son is awesome but I’m not strong enough to push more than a short distance on my own. Working together with the other pushers makes it manageable and fun! I want to help as my thank you to the group and to make sure the opportunity exists for others too.


Jessica Hobart

  • Psychologist II – Western New York DDSO

9-years working as a psychologist with individuals with developmental disabilities of all ages.
I am involved in Racin! because I want to ensure that ALL people have the opportunity to run, walk or roll in local racing events.

Christina Tonge

  • Rehabilitative Assistant 2 – Western New York DDSO
  • MSC for 8 years

I am involved in Racin! because I want to ensure that ALL people have the opportunity to run, walk or roll in local racing events.

Christie Scriven

  • Licensed Master Social Worker 2 – Western New York DDSO

When I learned of RACIN! I knew I wanted to be a part of it, because it allows me to merge two of my greatest passions: running and helping others!!

James Scutt

  • People Inc – Director of Vocational Services


Past Board Members:

  • Nick Cacciotti
  • Luther Vucic