1) How long is a race?

A race is 5 kilometers or 3.1 miles.

2) Is the race competitive?

Our two main goals are safety and fun.  We move together as a group and leave no one behind.

3) Do I have to be a runner?

You can volunteer in a number of ways. Please click the “Contact Us” link under the “Join Us’ tab to let us know if you are interested in volunteering with RACIN! with tasks that do not involve running.

4) Who pushes the chair?

RACIN! board members and community members who have signed up to be members of our RACIN! push team.  In addition, family members/friends who want to assist with pushing their loved one/friend.

5) How safe is the chair?

We purchase our chairs from a company called Adaptive Star out of Washington State.  Many organizations across the country like RACIN! use the equipment that comes from Adaptive Star.  We make sure that these chairs are checked prior to every race to ensure that they are in safe working order.  Everyone signs a Safe Chair Use Form and is given explicit instructions prior to each race on how to manage the chair safely and successfully throughout the race.

6) Does RACIN! provide transfer in and out of chairs?

No.  Family members, trusted friends or staff are required to complete transfers.  RACIN! members are there to provide support but do not engage in transfers.  As a rule, we expect for family/staff to be with the person at the beginning of the race to provide any transfer that is necessary, and to be available immediately upon our return to once again provide transfer.

7) How much is the cost?

Most races cost around $25 for entry.  We are often able to get a free entry for the Inclusion Athletes (in chair).

8) Who is suitable to be an inclusion athlete in the chair? 

We have adult and kid sized chairs.  We want anyone with a developmental disability who requires a wheelchair for mobility to sign up for possible inclusion in one of our racing chairs.  We have an experienced  PT who will assess the adult or child to determine if they can safely be maneuvered in the chair throughout the race.

9) As a parent, do I have to run and push my child?

Only if you want to.  We have push team members at the race to assist you in pushing the chair, or we will push your child if you are unable to do so.

10) How do I register/pay for myself or for someone that I am supporting?  Do I go online and register/pay prior to race day?  Do I pay the day of the race?  Does RACIN! register as a team?

All good questions.  The inclusion athlete in the chair will always have their registration paid for, either by the race director or by RACIN!   Inclusion Athletes who are running or walking will typically pay for themselves unless this is a financial hardship.  RACIN! will pay for those athletes who want to participate but who do not have the funds to do so.  Pushers will typically register and pay for themselves either prior to race day (online) or on race day.  However, please check in with us via the “Contact Us” link to find out if the director for that race has decided to provide us with free entry, or a reduced rate. If so, we will inform you and have you bring the money on race day.

11) Where do we meet on race day?

RACIN! typically has a large banner at a table where we are passing out brochures and some RACIN! “swag.”  Look for us in our RACIN! t-shirts (white dry-fit with blue buffalo).  If you do not see our table, we will be near the registration area.

12) How do I purchase a t-shirt?

T-shirts will be available for purchase on race day for $15.

13) Can I bring my liability waiver form on the day of the race?

No.  We respectfully request that you get all paperwork in to us prior to race day

14) I am a staff person.  What are my obligations?

Please go to the “RACIN! Documents” tab and click on “Family/Staff Information Form.”  In short, push team members will not provide supports outside of pushing the person from start to finish.  If the athlete in the chair requires special support/monitoring (e.g., specific medical/health issues, specific supervision needs, etc.) a staff person would need to accompany the push team throughout the course of the race.  At a minimum, RACIN! requires staff to provide oversight of the person right up to the start of the race and be available immediately upon race completion to assume responsibility.

15) How do we find out when and where your next race is?

Please visit our Races and Events page -> Here

16) Is it fun?

We have an absolute blast!! Come join us!